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Quality Pruning and Tree Trimming in Calgary, AB

Your yard is an extension of your home or business. It is the first thing a person will see when they arrive at your establishment. Is your yard sending the right message? A neatly manicured yard provides the perfect first impression. At Out On a Limb our experts provide Calgary, AB with tree trimming and pruning services to keep your landscaping looking just right. Pruning is the yearly practice of removing dead or dying branches of a tree. The three main reasons to prune a shade or ornamental tree are for safety, health, and appearance. Sometimes branches compete for nutrients. This competition decreases the overall health of the tree and is often the cause of dead and decaying limbs. By removing these limbs, we not only increase the health of the tree, but also prevent these branches from falling and damaging property and the people below.

Pruning also:

– Results in a higher yield in fruit production
– Restores a tree’s natural beauty
– Removes insect infestation
– Raises the value of timber
– Removes diseased areas
– Stimulates growth
– Prolongs a tree’s life

Out On a Limb has staff trained arborists to meet the needs of the vegetation in your yard. Our work is backed. Call us at 403-265-6965